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Our philosophy is very simple - GREAT SERVICE/GREAT PRICE

HOTGOLF is one of the UK’s Largest online golf relaters with over 20 years of experience. We are passionate about golf retail and offer all of the latest kit from all of the top brands. We offer an ever-changing selection of top brand named products at up to 60% off RRP. Unlike other retailers that buy seasonally, we buy, we buy it throughout the year and have new and exciting offers arriving several times a week.

Where to find us

Cheshire Oaks Trade Park,
7 Stanney Mill Ln,
Ellesmere Port

We are located at Cheshire Oaks Trade Park approximately 6 miles from Chester. 13 miles from Liverpool and 38 miles from Manchester Easily found on the main motorway roundabout at Junction 10 off the M53 at Cheshire Oaks – Opposite the Mitchells Lexus showroom

We are open from 9 am until 5 pm Monday to Saturday, and 10 am until 4 pm on Sundays. The store is closed on Christmas Day, News Years Day, and Easter Sunday. We are always open online though!



Our PGA Fitting Experts will analyse every aspect of your golf game with our state of the art SKYTRACK Launch Monitor. Accurately analysing All the aspects of your golf including…

Ball flight, Swing speed, Carry distance and Total yardage 

Spin rates, Launch angles, Lie angles & Face impact.

The Experts will take that information and find the perfect clubs to maximize your distance. accuracy and consistency and the results are immediate. The most important factors of club fitting are SHAFT FLEX The right shaft and flex can add distance to low-spinning shots by launching the ball higher meaning more spin which creates distance.


The correct loft will help you achieve your optimum ball flight trajectory resulting in more carry and ultimately distance.


The right angle and lie can compensate for a slice or a hook making the shot more consistent with each hit.


The longer the club the longer the shot but the harder it is to control. The fitted length allows the perfect combination of control and length.


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