Bettinardi Golf was founded by Robert Bettinardi in 1998 with the intention of creating the World’s finest quality golf putters. Each and every putter is created in Bettinardi’s own manufacturing facility, keeping precise attention to the most minute details. There are many ways to make a putter, but there is only one way to make a Bettinardi; Precision, Performance, & Excellence.

All Bettinardi Queen B Putters are milled from a proprietary blend of soft carbon steel.  When crafting the putters, Bettinardi selects only the finest blends of steel that allow for exceptional machinability and an unforgettable feel at impact.  The new Queen B line features an all new, extremely durable, glare-resistant Rose Gold PVD finish that brings aesthetic charm to compliment each putter. The Bettinardi Queen B Range of putters comes complete with the Lamkin SinkFit putter grip which features all-new fingerprint technology and Genesis Material to provide the most responsive feel, optimized surface tack, and unmatched durability. Featuring tour inspired Bettinardi branding down the centre of the grip it is available in two size options – The Lamkin SinkFit Standard which offers a classic feel and the Lamkin SinkFit Straight Jumbo which offers a fuller feel and helps to lock your wrists throughout your stroke. The BB1 is a traditional blade design with moderate toe hang, which is ideal for players with some arc in their putting stroke. The QB 12 model offers players a compact blade shape with a wider flange designed and crowned topline.  The putter features a one-piece milled plumbers neck that produces a moderate amount of toe-hang, making it perfect for players with a slight arc in their putting stroke.

Bettinardi Queen B 12 Putter – Features:

  • Compact blade with a wider flange and crowned topline
  • Rose Gold PVD finish is extremely durable and glare-resistant
  • Neck: Plumbers Neck, Weight: 362 grams
  • Material: Soft carbon steel
  • Face Milling: Micro-honeycomb
  • Grip: Lamkin SINK Fit Standard
  • Loft: 3°, Lie: 70°, Toe Hang: 1/2
  • Grip Options: Lamkin SINK Fit Standard & Straight Jumbo
  • Authorised Bettinardi Online Retailer


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