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Andy North the 2 time US Open Champion: “With its radical, yet beautiful club head, and maximum spin from legal grooves, the new F2 SS wedge is TRUE innovation in wedge design. I believe for most golfers, this new F2 wedge might just make every other wedge in golf, obsolete.”

Over five years ago the first F2 ‘Shank Proof Wedge’ was introduced into the golf industry. With its non-traditional look and ingenious design it filled many players with the confidence they needed to hit the ball closer to the hole from 100 yards and in.

F2 stands for Face Forward Technology which after two years of continuous. Research & Development they have enhanced the overall look of the wedge both at address and in the bag which helps golfers of all skill levels to maximums playability.

The unique performance of the F2 Wedge is the only shank proof wedge currently on the market. This latest design has a ‘Dog Leg’ hosel which gives it a more standard appearance at address so it does not distract you.

The no hosel design of the F2 wedge makes it one of the best short game clubs to have in your bag. The design makes the club easier to hit, more forgiving and versatile for a variety of lies you may find yourself in on the golf course.

The main reason that makes the F2 wedge ‘Anti-Shank’ is that the weight has be moved out of the hosel which makes the club more stable and forgiving on off centre hits. As the hosel is moved out of the way you are decreasing the drag that generates when playing shots from the rough, sand or fairway.

Like many of the modern irons the F2 Wedge has a fantastic cavity back design which also offers you ultimate forgiveness and the muscle back part gives you a more traditional blade look.

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