Crafted from 8620 carbon steel, the all-new PING Glide 4.0 Wedges are engineered with a larger and softer elastomer insert that a provides softer, more responsive feel than the previous 3.0 model.  The wedges feature a new Emery textured face blast which creates more texture on the hitting surface, resulting in more friction and interaction between the club and the ball.  When combined with the 4.0’s precision milled grooves and face, this new textured design imparts significantly more spin, a necessity for precision wedge play and finesse shots around the green.

Four grinds are available in the Glide 4.0.  The S Grind features trail edge and heel relief, ample bounce, a round leading edge, and offers exceptional performance in a variety of turf and sand conditions.  The W Grind is the most forgiving through the turf as it is round and cambered with significant bounce.  The W is ideal for soft turf and sand conditions, and suits players with a steep angle of attack.  The E Grind, formerly known as the Eye2, possesses a higher toe, improved leading edge shaping, a dished sole, and a tapered hosel for the ultimate in bunker performance and touch shots around the green.  The T Grind’s thin-sole facilitates precise shot-making and versatility from tight lies, and with extreme heel relief, is ideal for firm conditions and a shallow angle of attack. In order to reduce the overall weight of the club, PING equips the Glide 4.0 with the lightweight, Nippon made PING Z-Z115 wedge shaft.  The shaft is custom engineered with a lower balance point that is closer to the tip in order to produce a lower launch, more control, and enhanced feel.

PING Glide 4.0 Wedges Grind Options:
Four differentiated sole grinds (S, W, T, E) are designed to match your angle of attack and typical turf conditions for improving your performance and versatility on full and partial shots.

  • S GRIND -Trail edge/heel relief -Ample bounce -Rounded lead edge -Fits most golfers
  • W GRIND  -Traditional full-sole design -Most forgiving through the turf -Rounded lead edge -Optimized for square-face and bunker shots
  • E GRIND -High toe -Improved lead-edge shaping -Dished sole and tapered hosel for bunker performance
  • T GRIND -High lead-edge bounce -Half-moon sole shaping -Increased centre bounce width

PING Glide 4.0 Wedges Feature:

  • Multi-material construction combines 8620 carbon steel with a larger and softer elastomer insert to provide soft, responsive feel
  • Appealing at address with a rounded, compact design that benefits from advancements to the leading edge and hosel transition
  • Precision-milled face/grooves and the new Emery face blast work together to add texture to the face for increased spin and a lower launch
  • For full shots, the lower-lofted wedges (50° and 52°) are milled with a 20° sidewall to maximize groove volume
  • Around the green, higher-lofted options (54° – 60°) are milled with a 28° sidewall and a tighter radius to impart more spin for precision on shorter shots
  • Four differentiated sole grinds (S, W, T, E) are designed to match your angle of attack and typical turf conditions
  • Stock Shaft: PING Z-Z115
  • Stock Grip: Tour Velvet 360
  • Authorized PING Retailer

Standard (In Stock) – Standard stock is in stock and ready to ship on a DPD 24 Hour Service , Cut off time for same day dispatch is 1.00pm / Pre-order Late April 22
Custom (2-3 Weeks) – All Ping custom club orders will be submitted to Ping for assembly and will be subject to component availability and build lead times currently 2-3 weeks

PING offers the most time-tested and precise custom-fitting process in golf, one proven to generate the optimal ball flights and consistency you need to shoot lower scores.
Please call 0151 356 3254 to arrange your Free Ping Custom Fit Experience to determine which specification will deliver the best results for you’re game
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Why Face-to-Face, Dynamic Custom Fitting Matters

Optimise performance – there are thousands of potential specifications to maximise the performance of a golf club; don’t guess which are right for you and miss out on increased distance and improved accuracy.

Optimise ball flight – if you’re hitting it too low or too high, you’re likely to be missing out on important distance.

Improve consistency – whether you’re a Tour Player or a beginner golfer, everyone will shoot lower scores by being more consistent and it starts with your equipment being custom fit for your personal game.

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