Elevate your short game with PXG’s Battle Ready Putters. Fully optimized – from the centre-of-gravity (CG) and moment of inertia (MOI), to stability, balance, and weighting to deliver maximum performance for putts from every distance. In addition to the stealthy looks and high-tech material combinations, the Battle Ready putters also use a Pyramid Face Pattern to help improve ball velocity, launch angle, spin rate and skidding, according to the company. The putters also have weights in their soles to fine tune weight and performance for the player.

The PXG Blackjack Putter will put the odds in your favour on the green! PXG optimised EVERYTHING on this mallet-style moneymaker – CG, MOI, weighting, balance, and face pattern. The 100% milled Blackjack Putter features bi-material construction that supports exceptional stability and forgiveness on every stroke. The exterior includes the iconic Darkness Insignia – a skull with the number 26 – which is a nod to PXG Founder & CEO, Bob Parsons’ nickname and service with the 26th Marine Corps Regiment in combat during the Vietnam War. Available in 3 neck shapes

Plumber’s Neck
A traditional hosel design featuring distinct lines towards the target. Mid hang produces a versatile putter for a variety of strokes. With the most offset of any of the 3 hosels, the plumber’s neck promotes hitting the ball later in the stroke for a more upward angle of attack.

Heel Shafted
The short, slanted neck keeps the shaft axis further in the heel, creating more toe hang. This balance requires maximum effort to close the face through impact, helping players who tend to over rotate the club head.

Double Bend
The longest of the three options, the double bend hosel raises the shaft axis to align with the centre of gravity. This face balanced design minimizes resistance to twisting, assisting players who tend to push the ball. For players that prefer a centre shafted putter, this option raises the shaft axis to match that of a centre shafted putter, which mimics a face balanced style.

PXG Blackjack Putter – Features
Optimised Pyramid Face Pattern offers consistent roll
Aircraft-grade aluminium & High density tungsten construction
Iconic PXG Darkness Insignia – a skull with the number 26
Premium Lamkin PXG Logo Sink Fit Skinny grip
Chrome finish steel putter shaft
Premium PXG Putter cover


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