The Titleist T200 Long Irons are specifically designed to add some punch to your long iron play, without sacrificing the precise control demanded by the world’s best players.  The T200’s perfectly compliment their T100 and T100•S siblings, and it’s obvious Titleist envisioned set blending because they share the same minimal offset design. The T200 Long Irons are no different than the absolute R&D standout T200 Irons.  The irons feature streamlined Max Impact technology with an enhanced polymer core that preserves ball speed on off-center strikes and improves mass efficiency at impact.  Max Impact is buoyed in strength by a forged L-Face insert that generates a high coefficient of restitution, which simply put, means the ball explodes off the club face.

As helpful as distance can be, especially in the modern game, it’s nothing without accuracy.  Titleist thought outside the box, and found the key to precise distance control in the to the aerospace construction industry.  Denser D18 tungsten and a 2000 degree brazing process allowed Titleist’s engineers to locate the center of gravity with extreme accuracy.  In addition to increasing consistency, ball flight characteristics, and carry distances, the CG produces fast, high launching shots. Titleist elected to outfit the T200 Long Irons with Project X’s HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX Hybrid shaft, and for good reason.  The shaft features Hexcel HexTow IM carbon fiber in the tip for added stability and lower torque, and optimized material placement that improves feel and playability. When selecting the premium shaft offerings for the T200 Long Irons, Titleist elected to go exclusively with Graphite Design offerings.  Both the Tour AD-DI and Tour AD-IZ Hybrid shafts unlock best in class speed and launch, making the irons even more desirable.

Titleist T200 Long Irons Graphite Shaft Feature:

  • Designed for players seeking increased speed, forgiveness and control without sacrificing precise control
  • Same minimal offset as T100 and T100•S enables seamless set blending
  • Smaller, more compact, tour-ready shape than original T200 with a shorter blade length, narrower topline and a thinner sole
  • Max Impact 2.0 technology includes an enhanced polymer core that improves off-center ball speed and mass efficiency at impact
  • Denser D18 tungsten weights and a 2000° brazing process allow for an extremely precise CG that creates fast, high launching long irons and forgiving, accurate short irons
  • Engineered muscle plate improves acoustics for a crisper, more satisfying sound and feel
  • Highest amount of heel/toe tungsten weighting in the category with a maximized spread for high MOI and forgiveness
  • Stock Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX Hybrid (low-mid launch, low-mid spin)
  • Premium Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD-DI Hybrid 85 & Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ Hybrid 95 
  • Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 (white paint fill with black flat cap)
  • Authorized Titleist Retailer

Please Note – All Titleist custom club orders will be submitted to Titleist for assembly and will be subject to component availability and build lead times , Currently 3-4 Weeks
Every T-Series iron is designed for maximum performance in the three key factors for any approach: Distance, Dispersion and Descent Angle.
Please call 0151 356 3254 to arrange your Free Titleist Custom Fit Experience to determine which specification will deliver the best results for you’re game


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