TaylorMade’s SIM line-up of Drivers, Fairway Woods, Rescue and Irons are designed to stand up and deliver in the “sliding doors” moment of the downswing – the crucial final metre before impact. A lot happens in that last metre and it goes by in the blink of an eye, but TaylorMade have cottoned on to the fact that even the tiniest of adjustments made during that phase of the swing can alter the course of history.

OK, that might be a bit of an over-reach (unless you need to hit it close to earn your Tour card, or something), but that final metre usually determines whether you’ll be walking straight ahead to your next shot as planned or veering off and commencing the three-minute search to find your ball. The TaylorMade SIM line-up delivers game-changing consistency and performance in that critical moment of the downswing.

And before WA Open winner Michael Sim gets too excited, SIM stands for “shape in motion” – a concept that introduces some funky geometry and unconventional designs to improve aerodynamics, boost club head speed and enhance forgiveness. Available to Preorder from HOTGOLF on the 10.01.20 for delivery on the 07.02.20


The TaylorMade SIM driver is the model for players who like to fade, draw, cut, sting and manipulate the ball off the tee. Featuring a smaller face than the SIM MAX and SIM MAX D, it’s the only model that offers flight customisation through an adjustable weighting system. A 10g sliding weight is able to produce a handy 20 yards of draw or fade bias depending on its location on the sole.

Forgiveness to the MAX is the SIM MAX driver’s modus operandi. Sporting a face that is higher than the SIM (8 per cent larger by area) and a heavier Inertia Generator on the rear of the sole that lifts the MOI, the MAX delivers extra forgiveness to your game when strikes aren’t out of the centre. The MAX also launches higher than the standard SIM driver.

If you find yourself playing down the right side of the course, then the SIM MAX D will have you spending more of your round in the middle of the fairway. The D stands for draw, which is what the D MAX is designed to bestow on a slicer’s game. An internal weight helps to shut the SIM MAX D’s face at impact, while the alignment guide on top of the crowned is skewed to appear open, to help your hands square the face at impact. The SIM MAX D might even see you making the occasional visit to the left side of the fairway and it has a much larger and higher club face, which is 18 per cent bigger than the SIM driver.


Featuring the smallest head size, the TaylorMade SIM Titanium combines a lightweight titanium face and body with the 80g V Steel sole and carbon fibre crown for an ultra-low CG. A new face made from ZATECH titanium, a new material that is stronger but more flexible than regular titanium, produces high-launching, extreme distance and a next generation Speed Pocket offers more forgiveness on strikes low on the face.

A durable C300 steel face combines with the V Steel sole to provide the highest launch and peak trajectory of all three SIM fairway models. The TaylorMade SIM MAX fairway wood delivers the distance and playability that should suit most players, regardless of their ability.

A bigger version of the SIM MAX fairway, the TaylorMade SIM MAX D fairway is designed to eradicate a slice. Internal weighting and an offset crown alignment produces a draw bias that will suit most high handicappers.


As the first hybrid to feature the highly-versatile V Steel sole, the SIM MAX Rescue will help extract you from a multitude of sticky situations out on the course. A new rounded toe and the C300 steel face’s reworked angle is designed to inspire confidence at address for golfers across every talent category.

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